Oilfield Services

At Bay South, Inc., we are readily accessible to our clients in the oilfield industry. We are proud to offer the following services to a world-wide market. Allow us to simplify your next project, while achieving your objectives, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

General Oilfield Services

  1. Land & Offshore
  2. Sub-Contracting
  3. Engineering and Consulting
  4. Production
  5. Drilling
  6. Work-Over
  7. Well Bore Services
  8. Crew Labor
  9. Catering
  10. Dispatchers
  11. Divers & Dive Vessels
  12. Sandblasting & Painting

No project is too big or complicated for us. Some of the operations we specialize in, are as follows: oilfield production, exploration drilling, plug and abandonment, rig moves, salvage and recovery, dive operations, work-over, construction and installation, etc.

Oilfield Logistics Service

  1. Marine
  2. Land
  3. Air

We are pleased to help you with the logistics of all your marine industry needs. We offer sole source logistics for the oil and gas industry. Why deal with multiple organizations when Bay South can do it all for you?

No land-based need is out of our realm of capability. Some of the services we provide, are as follows: hotshots, one-tons, mini-floats, single-axles, tandems, heavy-hauls, oversized-loads, passenger transport, crew change services, etc.

No aviation requirement is a problem for us. Some of the helicopters we are prepared to provide, are as follows: single-engine, light twin-engine, medium twin-engine, heavy twin-engine, etc.

Oilfield Equipment Sales & Rental

  1. Generators
  2. Welding Machines
  3. Casing Tools
  4. Snubbing Tools
  5. Wireline
  6. Tanks
  7. Cranes
  8. Etc.

No materials, equipment, tooling, or supplies are beyond our reach. Whatever you need can be provided by Bay South. We are prepared to work extensively for the resources you require, at the right price, and in the most timely manner possible.

Turnkey Consulting

All Consultants are Certified, Licensed, Bonded, and TWIC Card Holders

  1. Drilling, Production, and Subsea Well Control
  2. Well Decommissioning
  3. Well Equipment
  4. Well Bore Fluids
  5. Mud and Cementing
  6. Kick Handling Procedures
  7. Completion and Work-over
  8. Wireline
  9. Coil Tubing
  10. Snubbing
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