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Marine Services

At Bay South, Inc., we are readily accessible to our clients in the marine industry. We are proud to offer the following services to a world-wide market.

Marine Vessel Services

  1. Vessels for Charter
  2. Vessels For Sale
  3. Vessel Purchasing
  4. Vessel Marketing
  5. Dockage & Shore-base
  6. Surveying and Inspection
  7. Standards Compliance Verification
  8. Vessel Classification and Certification
  9. Maintenance Scheduling and Repair Costing
  10. Transport and Delivery (MOB)
  11. Shipyard and Repair Services Liaison
  12. Dive Inspection

We provide a wide range of services to the commercial marine and oil / gas industries. Let us assist you with the next sale or purchase of a vessel. We have the ability to market vessels through our network in a highly effective manner. Or, we can broker your vessel for a competitive rate with a reputable customer. Maybe dockage is the only thing you need help with at the present. Bay South has the ability the provide you docking and shore base resources virtually anywhere on the Gulf Coast.

No vessel is too big or exotic for us. Some of the vessels we specialize in, are as follows: crew and supply boats, tugs, lift boats, utility boats, four-point anchor boats, heavy lift barges, crane barges, spud barges, pipe-lay barges, etc.

Marine Construction Services

  1. Site Preparation
  2. Pipeline Right-of-way Preparation
  3. Pipe Laying
  4. Platform Installation
  5. Platform Decommissioning
  6. Salvage Projects
  7. Bulkheads / Pile Driving
  8. Crane Equipped Spud Barges

If construction is what you need help with... Bay South is the company for you. We have a network of suppliers for virtually every need. Let us provide you with a sole source service for a myriad of operations. We can provide you with the resources to execute any project. From land to air to water, or anywhere in between – we are on standby to facilitate your requirements in a quality, cost-effective, and timely manner.